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Elevate Your Author Journey with the 6 Figure Author Program

📚 Ready to turn your passion for writing into a thriving 6 figure income? 🚀 Join the exclusive "6 Figure Author" program and unlock the strategies and support you need for unparalleled success!

We have been working behind the scenes to craft this AMAZING program to help authors within all genres to turn their passion for writing into PROFITS! 

We are OFFICIALLY launching the program on May 20th, 2024 and we are opening up this program for the first year as a beta program, to further perfect the process AND we are offering this for only $111/mo for the first 100 authors! Our standard pricing after will be $333/mo. 

What's inside?

💡 Monthly Pre-Recorded Trainings:

  • Dive deep into essential strategies, including lead automation, scalable offers, profitable funnels, and more. Receive a minimum of 12 trainings to guide you towards a 6 figure income as an author.

🌟 Private Facebook Community:

  • Connect with like-minded authors for support, feedback, and celebration. Your success journey is about to get a whole lot brighter with a vibrant community cheering you on!

💪 Unlimited Support from SRS:

  • Enjoy unlimited support from She Rises Studios within the private community. Get personalized guidance to overcome challenges and elevate your authorship to new heights.

🛠️ Done-For-You Resources and Templates:

  • Streamline your author journey with resources for social media, sales pages, automated email sequences, and more. New items added every month to keep you at the forefront of industry trends.

🚀 *Optional Tech Support (Additional Fee):

  • Enhance your experience with unlimited tech support from our trusted funnel designer and strategist. Navigate technical challenges with confidence and expertise.

🎉 Exclusive Add-Ons and Events:

  • Gain access to exclusive add-ons and events throughout the year, including workshops, masterclasses, and live Q&A sessions.

👉 This is a 12-Month Commitment:

  • Commit to transforming your author career over the next 12 months. It's time to invest in your success and reap the rewards!

🌈 Join Now and Redefine Your Author Success!

Why Choose the 6 Figure Author Program?

🚀 Holistic Approach:

  • From lead generation to scalable offers, we cover every facet of author success. Your journey is our priority.

🌐 Community Connection:

  • Connect with authors who share your passion. Collaborate, celebrate wins, and grow together within our exclusive community.

📈 Proven Strategies:

  • Benefit from strategies that have propelled authors to 6 figure success. Get ready to apply these proven techniques to your own authorship.

📖 Your Book, Your Success:

  • We believe in the unique power of your book. Let's leverage it together to create lasting success and impact.

Join the 6 Figure Author Program and Transform Your Author Journey!

Still have questions? --->  We have answers! -----> Email us at

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