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EmpowerHer Content Day

Unlock unparalleled visibility and brand exposure by becoming a valued sponsor or vendor of Las Vegas Content Day

February 22nd | 12-8PM PST | El Dorado Cantina at Tivoli Village

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Sponsorship Opportunity for EmpowerHer Content Day in Las Vegas

For a $1000 investment, your company will enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits that ensure maximum impact and reach.


El Dorado Cantina at Tivoli Village
430 S Rampart Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89145, United States

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Here's Why You Want To Be At EmpowerHER Content Day


Prominent Brand Exposure

- Inclusion of your logo on all SRS Promo Materials, including the Step and Repeat Banner, BAUW Magazine, Goodie-Bag Inserts, SRS Website, and a FENIX TV backlink directly to your website.

- Opportunity to include your promotional materials in the event's Goodie-Bags, directly reaching the hands of attendees. You can provide promotional materials, business cards, pens, coupons, brochures, etc. 


Event Recognition and Visibility

- Featured prominence throughout Content Day via banners, TV monitors and on-stage announcements. 

- Featured recording of the event which will be aired on FENIX TV, accessible in over 127 countries through Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and

- 2 x Two-page spread in our prestigious BAUW Magazine, allowing you to showcase your company with an advertisement for any product or service as you see fit. One of these will be available in the February addition magazine and ALL attendees will receive this magazine for free.

- If you should decide to show up to the event, you will have VIP access to the entire event which also includes food and beverages and a cash bar. 


Engagement and Interaction

- Option to raffle off a product or service during the event, creating a direct engagement opportunity with attendees.

- Inclusion of your company name/logo in our EmpowerHer Docu-series, providing an extended platform for recognition. This will be at the end credits of each episode. We will alternate sponsors at the end of each episode and you may get featured more than one time throughout the docu-series. 

- Exclusive opportunity to record on-site content during the event, further strengthening your brand's narrative. You are free to use any and ALL of our content booths on the day of the event


Media Exposure

- Mention of your company name in our press releases distributed to various media outlets, ensuring widespread coverage and recognition. We want to make sure that your company name is getting the backlinking and SEO that it deserves.

Here's what you gain as a sponsor:

Social Media Exposure

Inclusion in pre-event and post-event social media campaigns across various platforms. All posts will be boosted and made into sponsored posts, this way it reaches a vast audience. 

Customized Content Creation

Collaboration on creating exclusive and tailored content for your company, such as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, or promotional videos. This would be shot during the day of the event.

VIP Access

Exclusive VIP passes or tickets for your team or special guests, offering premium access to event activities and networking opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

Reserved space for a branded booth or display at the event, allowing direct interaction with attendees.

Collaborative Giveaways

Opportunity to collaborate on giveaways or contests, increasing engagement with the event audience and driving social media interactions.

On-site Branding

Additional branding opportunities at key event locations, ensuring your company stands out visually throughout the venue.

Industry Exclusivity

Consider offering exclusivity within your industry, ensuring that your company is the sole representative of its kind at the event.


Seize this opportunity to elevate your brand's presence and make a lasting impact at Las Vegas Content Day. Act now to secure your sponsorship and connect with a diverse global audience. We look forward to showcasing your brand in the spotlight of this exciting event!

Exposure That You Are Getting During The Event And Throughout 2024:



As a valued vendor at EmpowerHer Content Day, we want to ensure you have a rewarding and productive experience. Here are the amenities and opportunities available to you:


1. Booth Space: Each vendor will receive a 6ft table and 2 chairs, complete with electrical outlets for your convenience.


2. Logo Placement: Your logo will be prominently displayed on event materials, such as the event program, BAUW Magazine (Becoming An Unstoppable Woman Magazine), SRS Website and Social Media Platforms, as well 


3. Social Media Promotion: Benefit from pre-event and post-event social media campaigns across various platforms, ensuring your business reaches a wide and engaged audience.


4. Vendor Spotlight: Featured recording of the event which will be aired on FENIX TV, accessible in over 127 countries through Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and


5. Vendor Networking: Enjoy dedicated networking times where you can connect with fellow vendors and potential clients.


6. Collaborative Giveaways: Collaborate with other vendors on giveaways or contests to engage attendees and increase your social media interactions.


7. Access to Food and Beverages: Enjoy complimentary access to food and beverages during the event to keep you refreshed and energized. Cash Bar will be available as well. 


8. Content Booth Usage: You are free to utilize the content booths available on the day of the event to create captivating content for your business.


Please make the most of these amenities and opportunities to maximize your presence at EmpowerHer Content Day. We look forward to helping you achieve your business goals at this exciting event!

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