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PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY! Releasing March 15th!!

Embark on a transformative journey with ‘Become A Bestselling Author: 365 Days of Daily Inspirational Quotes, Writing Style Tips and Book Marketing Tips’, authored by Adriana Luna Carlos. With a wealth of experience in the literary world, Carlos presents a meticulously crafted guide for writers of all levels.


Spanning a year's worth of content, this interactive book serves as an indispensable tool, providing daily doses of motivation, writing wisdom, and strategic marketing advice. Through a combination of inspirational quotes, practical writing exercises, and expert marketing insights, Carlos invites readers to explore their creative potential while honing their craft.


What sets this book apart is its comprehensive resources, including writing prompts, lined areas for practicing free-flow writing, and dedicated sections with blank lined pages for journaling. Whether you're a novice writer seeking guidance or a seasoned author looking to refine your skills, this book offers something for everyone.


From mastering the nuances of storytelling to navigating the complexities of book promotion, ‘Become A Bestselling Author’ equips writers with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in today's competitive literary landscape.


With its user-friendly format and comprehensive approach, this book is not just a guide—it's a companion on your journey to becoming the author you aspire to be. Immerse yourself in a year-long adventure of self-discovery and growth with ‘Become A Bestselling Author’.


Let Adriana Luna Carlos be your mentor, motivator, and guide as you embark on the path to literary success.

Become A Bestselling Author: 365 Days of Daily Inspirational Quotes, Writing Sty

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