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See You Soon, Holly June is a children’s series written for kids of any age who want to learn about how to accept differences between themselves and others in their young lives. This book lets children explore individuals from other cultures, class status, upbringings, and even jobs. Children at this age are sponges, so the goal is to open their minds, broaden their horizons for themselves, as well as be themselves whole-heartedly and authentically.

The book's contents are deeply rooted in circumstances that we all have had to go through at some point in our lives. Whether it is a new friend who has an elite background or the frustrations of being different in the workplace - See You Soon, Holly June disrupts traditional ideologies to give children a sense of acceptance and opportunity to create their own opinons.

All chapters were authentically written and represent the author's own real-life experiences (and dogs!) that showcase how the power of love and friendship can help create a more well-rounded and caring child despite ones own adversities. Holly is based off the author’s own Havanese, Hollywood June. All of the dog “furends” in the book are based off of real-life pups Madison and Holly have befriended as well as all the different places they both have lived.

Madison Tanner Clark was born and raised in Miami, Arizona. When she was 18, she moved to New York City for her undergraduate in Media, Culture, and the Arts. There she worked as a stage manager for several off-Broadway productions and spent most of her time at a local doggy daycare which her own dog daycare, Desert Pups, is inspired by.

Upon graduation, she moved to Las Vegas to go full-throttle in her writing and social media career. Now Madison also has her own writing company where she helps bloggers, marketing agencies, and influencers with their copy.

Her dog daycare is now open in Phoenix, Arizona where she and her fur baby, Hollywood, reside.

See You Soon Holly June: Holly Takes The Big Apple!

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