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Women Disruptors in Business is all about positively disrupting the way female entrepreneurs are being seen, heard, and recognized as equals in the business world.

These five women are true trailblazers who have broken barriers. Now as successful women in their own right, they’re sharing their strategies and success with you.

Each author in this book is a powerful, innovative, diverse, and creative woman in business.

Gain the knowledge and guidance on how to overcome "It's A Man's World Syndrome.”

The book's mantra is "Women Disruptors In Business"

All chapters were authentically written and represent each author's experiences that show their resolve to carry on in the face of adversities.

You will learn how to unleash your feminine power in business!

Each chapter provides strategies and education on the following:

  • Women in Leadership Positions
  • Being a Fierce and Successful CEO
  • Successfully Growing and Leading Your Team
  • Handling High Demand and Volume in Business
  • Becoming an Unstoppable Woman Entrepreneur
  • What a True Woman Disruptor in Business Is
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Understanding Your Business Needs

Women Disruptors in Business

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