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Are you tired of letting past hurts control your present happiness?

Take back your power and build the life you deserve with Healing Beyond My Hurt

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Have you ever experienced a painful incident that left a lasting scar, even years later? In "Healing Beyond My Hurt," I share my story of overcoming such hurts, common experiences men and women alike can face.

For years, I suppressed these deep wounds, unaware of how they were impacting my present. My relationships suffered, and the fear of getting close kept me from finding true happiness. I knew something had to change.

The cycle of playing games in relationships, while initially a shield, ultimately left me feeling empty. It was time to confront the past.

This journey of healing wasn't easy. It involved revisiting painful emotions, but facing them head-on was the key to breaking free. Shame and fear can be powerful, but they don't have to control you. In fact, acknowledging your hurt is the first step towards a brighter future.

"Healing Beyond My Hurt" is more than just my story; it's a guide packed with relatable mini-chapters. You'll discover how past hurts can manifest in unexpected ways, and gain practical tools to confront and heal your deepest wounds. This is your chance to break free and embrace the happiness you deserve.

Do you find yourself:


👉 Struggling with trust in relationships?

👉 Holding back from getting close to someone for fear of getting hurt again?

👉 Repeating unhealthy patterns in your love life?

You're not alone.

Healing Beyond My Hurt is your guide to breaking free from the pain of the past and stepping into a brighter future. In this powerful book, Tabitha Henderson shares her own story of overcoming deep emotional wounds that stemmed from past experiences.

Through a series of relatable and raw mini-chapters, you'll discover:

The Scars We Share

How common hurts, experienced by both men and women, can linger for years

Digging Deep

Practical tools and strategies to confront and acknowledge your deepest wounds

Hidden Baggage

The hidden ways your past affects your present relationships and growth

Breaking Free from the Chains

How to break free from the cycle of shame and fear that keeps you stuck

No More Running

Why facing your pain, even when it hurts, is the key to healing

Hidden in Plain Sight

The surprising ways past hurts can manifest in your present life

About The Author

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Tabitha Henderson

I am Tabitha Tamiko Henderson Da Sweetest Tabu Totally About Business!


I am a mother of four plus a few more.  I birthed my son, King, who is 26, and blessed me with my second granddaughter, Island Imani, and first grandson, August. My daughter Kiarra who is 23 blessed me with my first granddaughter, Leilani Dior. My two bonus babies Cedric Jr 24 and Daijah 21 have been a major blessing to my life and I love them dearly.


I enjoy traveling, doing new things, and trying new adventures. I've been an entrepreneur since 2006 and I've ventured into various businesses from childcare, to personal home care. I've done body contouring and dabbled a bit in makeup. I like to say that I'm a 3C lady.... because I have my CDA child development associate. I'm a CNA-certified nursing assistant and I have my class B CDL- commercial drivers license. I transport commercial vehicles, mostly school buses, to many of the fifty states including Canada. I'm a notary of the public and I'm first aid and cpr certified.


Being an Avon Rep for many years has by far been a great treat allowing me to meet new people from all walks of life. And currently, I'm teaching myself how to craft and customize certain items such as shirts, hoodies,  shoot glasses and tumblers as I launch and introduce my TABU Totally About Business brand. So you see, being Tabitha Tamiko is an amazing blessing full of adventure, love, and life!  I'm excited to see what's in store for me next!

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